4-Point Inspection



This Inspection is required on almost every older home before getting  a new insurance policy. It involves a survey of the main component of the home as follows:


              - Roof System

              - Electrical System

              - HVAC System

                 - Plumbing System



  • Roof System-Inspection of roof surface, roof drainage system, skylights, roof penetration, and accessible attic areas for visible evidence of water stains or roof leaks.


  • Electrical Inspection-The electrical Inspection will include an analysis of the main electrical component in home including the electrical panel, amperage rating, type of service and any upgrades. In most cases the panel cover of the main panel will be removed for purposes of determining material and year of installation.


  • HVAC Inspection-This Inspection involves the analysis of the type of system present, age of system present and any other subsequent equipment.


  • Plumbing Inspection-This involves an analysis of the plumbing system, including the service, material present in addition to approximate ages of components.



Price for this Inspection start at $100.00 


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