Before you sign the dotted line, getting a home inspection is a crucial step in the home buying process. Here are some points you need to know about what you can expect from a good home inspection, and what should always be checked and disclosed.



1.      Vegetation (trees, shrubs and/or vines) are in contact with the structure's exterior. This is a conductive condition for wood destroying insects and organisms. Vegetation can serve as a conduit for insects and may retain moisture against the exterior after it rains. Recommend pruning or removing vegetation as necessary so there's at least one foot gap between all vegetation and the structure's exterior.

2.      Trees and/or shrubs are in contact with or are close to the roof edge(s) in one or more areas. Damage to the roof may result, especially during high winds. Vegetation can also act as a conduit for wood destroying insects. Vegetation should be pruned back and/or removed as necessary to prevent damage and infestation by wood destroying insects.

3.      Professional landscaping maintenance and fertilization is suggested.




1.      DAMAGED COUNTER TOP.  A piece of vinyl was missing at the time of the inspection. The kitchen counter top was damaged on its surface.

2.    Garbage disposal needs maintenance

3.    The inspector recommends replacing the kitchen ceiling light bulb.

4.    Caulking is needed in the back splash behind the sink.







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